Monday, November 16, 2009

Kliewer- Citizenship in School

1. "I started to notice that I didn't like the classes I was taking called special education."
After this quote he states that it made him want to cry. How can somebody put a kid through that, and he said he basically had to go through this his whole life. Imagine being stuck in something that makes you want to cry for basically your whole education. That wouldn't be fun at all and it would take a toll on youe emotions. They simply could have never started with that name, the word special shouldn't be used especially when referring to children. Couldn't they have come up with something nicer or better than special to make the kids feel like they aren't different. I just don't feel that is right to do at all and nevermind to children.

2. "Shayne's ability to listen deeply to the sounds of Isaac's competence struck me in an early visit to the class."
This shows that some people actually listen and try to help out the kids even though they are so called special ed. Everyone should elarn from this and know it isn't just aout the outside and appearance of a person but there is much more to people. Especially someone that is special, because really I have know some of these kids in special education classes and they are obviously just like everyone else. They like to laugh and joke around and have fun just like the rest of us. They shouldn't be treated any differently unless their learning isn't up to par with the rest of us. Although, as a person and in their life they are the same as us when it comes down to it, and they should not be discriminated in any way.

3. "The kids really agree that he is as capable as they are. Intellectually the same."
This shows what I was saying from the last quote I chose. They are the same and this is coming from the students in class with him. If they can be in class with him and not distracted or think every different of him why should we even though we don't know who the child really is. Nobody opens their eyes to this or gives these kids a chance just because they are called special. Which is wrong and I know if you ask everybody they will agree that it is wrong. Although, half of those people would not give these kids the time of day. It's just not right and things need to change.

Like I stated in basically my first three paragraphs this article was a good one and proved a good point. I would like everyone to read this article and see who wouldn't try to change how they act after reading it. Whoever wouldn't change after reading this article and still treating this kids like they are different are the ones who are different. There is something wrong with them for not caring or trying to let these kids feel like they fit in and are the same as the rest of us. I hope everyone in the class brings this up to people and if anyone ever says anything to a special education student you will also say something to them. Teach them that it is not just and everyone should open their eyes and treat these kids how they want to be treated themselves.


  1. I found your first quote to be extremely eye opening as well. It makes sense that children who are placed in uncomfortable situations, where they probably feel stupid, would not want to learn. This label definitely has an impact on the self-esteem of the students in the lower categories.

  2. its interesting how much a label can do

  3. I agree this article was exetremely eye opening, I ligit could not believe some of those stories of mistreatment. The ignorance was really mind blowing.