Monday, November 16, 2009

Kliewer- Citizenship in School

1. "I started to notice that I didn't like the classes I was taking called special education."
After this quote he states that it made him want to cry. How can somebody put a kid through that, and he said he basically had to go through this his whole life. Imagine being stuck in something that makes you want to cry for basically your whole education. That wouldn't be fun at all and it would take a toll on youe emotions. They simply could have never started with that name, the word special shouldn't be used especially when referring to children. Couldn't they have come up with something nicer or better than special to make the kids feel like they aren't different. I just don't feel that is right to do at all and nevermind to children.

2. "Shayne's ability to listen deeply to the sounds of Isaac's competence struck me in an early visit to the class."
This shows that some people actually listen and try to help out the kids even though they are so called special ed. Everyone should elarn from this and know it isn't just aout the outside and appearance of a person but there is much more to people. Especially someone that is special, because really I have know some of these kids in special education classes and they are obviously just like everyone else. They like to laugh and joke around and have fun just like the rest of us. They shouldn't be treated any differently unless their learning isn't up to par with the rest of us. Although, as a person and in their life they are the same as us when it comes down to it, and they should not be discriminated in any way.

3. "The kids really agree that he is as capable as they are. Intellectually the same."
This shows what I was saying from the last quote I chose. They are the same and this is coming from the students in class with him. If they can be in class with him and not distracted or think every different of him why should we even though we don't know who the child really is. Nobody opens their eyes to this or gives these kids a chance just because they are called special. Which is wrong and I know if you ask everybody they will agree that it is wrong. Although, half of those people would not give these kids the time of day. It's just not right and things need to change.

Like I stated in basically my first three paragraphs this article was a good one and proved a good point. I would like everyone to read this article and see who wouldn't try to change how they act after reading it. Whoever wouldn't change after reading this article and still treating this kids like they are different are the ones who are different. There is something wrong with them for not caring or trying to let these kids feel like they fit in and are the same as the rest of us. I hope everyone in the class brings this up to people and if anyone ever says anything to a special education student you will also say something to them. Teach them that it is not just and everyone should open their eyes and treat these kids how they want to be treated themselves.


So the other day I was at work just like any other day, and then something happened and it reminded me of Johnson right away. It was two of my co-workers, one of which is white and one if which is black, and myself. My store manager is the black one and I always ask him certain things when I don't know what to do or need help with a customer. It's always fine and people don't mind going to a different working to ask questions and ask for certain help.
Although, this day was very different. These people seemed fine and very nice and when they asked one certain question I couldn't answer I simply replied let me go get my manager for you to help you out. They didn't have any argument with this until my manager went over to help them out. As it is in his hands now I was on the other side of the store doing some work as the lady approached me. I wasn't sure what she was coming to me for after I had just brought my manager over there. She then said would it be okay if you helped me out again instead of him. I asked why what was wrong, and if he couldn't help her in what she needed. She then said well he is of color and I'd rather have someone of my own race to help me out.
After she said that I was shocked, and didn't know how to respond to it. Then I said to her well honestly that shouldn't matter and I tried to help you already but I couldn't answer your questions. He is the one that you are going to have to work with now to get what you need. Then she said well if that's the case I won't be needing what I came in here for anymore, and I said alright have a good day.
This whole scenario shocked me and it was at my work place and just kept thinking about it the rest of the night. So like Johnson said we must work toward a more just and respectful world. So I think this shows there are still plenty of people out there who do not feel the same way as Johnson, and we should all try to change for the better no matter what the situation. Just figured I'd share my story with you guys because I didn't know how to handle it although I did to the best of my abilities.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Promising Practices

I rolled out of bed and got to the conference around 8:15 with two of my buddies who I drove there with. It was a saturday morning at RIC which I was not looking forward to at all. We all had the same first choice for both sessions. So we got there and checked in and of course my two friends were in the same letters for both conferences and I was the lone man out, just my luck. So I was around talking to friends who I saw there trying to figure out if i knew anybody who were in my sessions. I found one girl that I knew in the second session and to my knowledge before I left for the first one I didn't know anyone that would be attending the same one.
The first session I attended was Cultural Difference vs. Science fact and it was taught by Rudolf Kraus. I found this very interesting and he kept us involved. The first thing we had to do was write three words in which Science is to us. Then we went over it just to see what certain persons ideas were. Next we had to draw a scientist how we thought they would look. A few certain people had drawn themselves but other than those people there was not one girl. Also, not one person had colored their scientist in so every single one of the scientists were white. The teacher pointed those two characteristics out which reminded me solely of our class. We are always talking about the codes of power and S.C.W.A.A.M.P. and that is what came to my mind right away. We also talked about the sociocultural factors on what and who decides on who can be scientists, and we went over certain things that were quite intriguing.
The second session I attended was Problem Solving in the Classroom and this one was taught by a Ms. Johnson. Although she mostly just gave an introduction and her thoughts and then she had three speakers there to give actual examples from their classroom. The main point I took out of all the teachers speaches was to keep up with the students interests. You must know what they like and what the popular culture likes know to keep them engaged in class and to be on task. Also, if you keep the kids engaged it drops the absentee rate and the kids can be there on a daily basis to keep up with the material you are teaching. This helped me out a lot for the future when I'm going to have my own classroom. They tought me a lot of pivotal assets that every teacher would love to have, and every teacher might even need throughout their teaching career.
Now Tricia Rose, and obviously she was amazing. I'm sure she hears that everywhere she goes from the majority of the audience. She was up there talking like nothing was happening, and talking to us like she knew every person indivudually. She was joking around and having a fun time, and although I loved her speech and everything she tought us, there was another thing that I took from her. She was just smiling,laughing and having fun up there, and to succeed that's what you need to be able to do. She perfected that skill and it has made her a tremendous public speaker. Now I have no problem going in front of people and talking, and I actually kind of enjoy it. It is somewhat like all eyes on me and everybody listening, and I like to know people quiet down just to hear what I have to say. It makes you feel that much more important as a person. Although I feel I am good at it she showed me how much better I could be, and how much more I could enjoy it.
At the beginning of the day and the night before I was dreading going to the conference. Like I said before 8 a.m. on a saturday at RIC for a conference isn't exactly my choice of fun. Although, when it ended I was actually like wow that wasn't even close to as bad as I thought it was going to be. I actually enjoyed the conference and engaged in many different conversations and activities throughout the day. In the future as a teacher I'm sure I will have to attend many more of these, and I just hope they will be as fun. I just hope that the key note speaker is someone like Tricia Rose or as good as her, because I feel like she tied everything together and made the experience that much better. All in all it was a good day and I took a lot from it, and I'm glad Dr. Bogad asked us to attend.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Anyon- Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of Work

1. " The four fifth grade teachers observed in the working-class schools attempted to control classroom time and space by making decisions without consulting the children and without explaining the basis for their decisions."

- As I was reading the article I stopped right when I read this and started to think deeply about this. Is this because they feel the parents of the children aren't in a higher class they can just do what they want in the students schooling. If thats the case it obviously isn't right, and no matter what the case is the children always deserve an explanation. If they were a good teacher they would consult with the children and find out what the children like and how to keep their attention. If the teachers continue to just do things their way and not care about the children then yes they will most likely end up with low paying jobs. Now if the teachers did their jobs and were good teachers they could turn these kids around and help them out, and hopefully help them pursue a good career. Everybody should get equal opportunities with their schooling.

2. " There is little excitement in schoolwork for the children, and the assignments are perceived as having little to do with their interests and feelings."

- Again going back to what I had talked about for my last quote, and how teachers should keep the students attention. They even asked one kid after this quote about the class, and he said basically all you di is store the facts in your head until you need them for a test or your job. So what this is telling me is that basically all the teacher is doing is telling them what they need to know and making them memorize it. When she should actually be teaching them and going over it with them. She should be teaching, hence the job title, not telling.

3. " School experience, in the sample of schools discussed here, differed qualitatively by social class."

- Why in schooling would you differentiate based on social class? or for any reason. Like I have said everyone should have the right to the same academic possibilities, and they are completely taking that away from the students. In the real world class is not going to effect the jobs they get or how they live for the most part. You make a name for yourself and work hard to get there, and in school you should be able to work for yourself and get where you want to be in school also. The teachers who don't allow this are stripping their kids of certain rights. That is not right and something should be done about it, something should be done about the teachers, or even something needs to be done about the whole school district.

I don't really like the article because of everything I have just said, and how kids are getting cheated out of what they should be doing. Everyone in the school system should base their year around the same curriculum. It doesn't have to be exactly the same but everybody in a certain grade in the state or city should have a blueprint on what the kids should know by the end of the year. This doesn't happen and the kids of lower classes are getting cheated out of their education, and basically being set up for failure.

Also, I don't agree with this article because I don't believe this happens that often. At least not around here, because I know many people in certain public schools around RI and MA. I went to a public school where a lot of families of lower class sent their children, and there was no difference between that and even private institutions in the city. It's a tough article to write about because I know it is wrong what the teachers were doing. I just feel this doesn't happen anymore and if so not around here at least.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Gender Issues I found this site to be very easy to read, and it also shows a bunch of great facts. If you read the numbers under the heading "Percentage of Students Scoring Proficient on the FCAT", you will see they change drastically. Especially the boys numbers, they go up almost 50%. This is a huge change, but honestly I agree with the numbers because I know plenty of guys who would be able to focus more if there were no girls there. I'm sure if there was a survey with a question saying, "would you be able to focus more if there were no girls in your class?", I believe over 50% of guys would say yes.

I think school systems are just fine the way they are. There are certain schools who offer single sex education, and there are many others that are co-ed. It is the students and their families decision. Personally I would rather it be co-ed from a students point of view, or even for when I teach. I just feel it shows you responsibilty in a way, and you have to focus no matter what. You are around a diverse group of people and it is getting you ready for the real world I think, and I believe that is in a way what schooling is about.

Couldn't figure out to post videos. Computer isn't co-operating with me right now. I will paste some links on here.

Monday, October 19, 2009

In the Service of What- Kahne & Westheimer

1. "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country."

I know this was a John Kennedy quote but i really like it. You still hear this alot now-a-days and it will carry on for a long time. If you ever really just sit and think of this quote you could have many different perspectives for it. When I read it what first comes to mind is that people are lazy and do not like to do things on their own to help out anybody but themselves. Except we have teachers dedicating their lives to help these children and sometimes they get questioned. Referring back to the Christensen article with the teachers getting fired for being gay. They were not trying to hurt anybody they were there to help, and they get fired because of a certain preference they might have. When other people are just trying to cheat the system to get by.

2. "These categories can help clarify our understanding of the possible relationships between service learning activities, their outcomes, and the goals that motivate their design."

Yes granted there are several different ways to look at the service learing projects. No matter what though they clarify the understanding, and everybody is looking to do somewhat of the same thing and help out. Whether it be in one way or another when we get in depth with the project we can learn from the outcomes and the goals they began with.

3. "Government cannot rebuild a family or reclaim a sense of neighborhood."

I completely agree with this quote, and sometimes things are just out of their control. For the most part they do everything they can to hold things together and make our country a better place. Referring back to my first quote about ask what you can do for your country, you can help out in the community and fix things. Help the government because they can't do it all on their own. Although some of us may believe they should be able to, and then we just sit back and let a lot of potentially good things go to waste.

Overall I enjoyed reading the article, and that was especially because they had certain quotes from John Kennedy and certain "higher up" people. I liked to look back and think about these famous quotes that these famous men have said and just analyze and give my own opinion on what they mean. I may be wrong, but we are all entitled to our opinion, and when certain men were in office the country was a better place. The Kennedy quote is really deep for just a short play on words, and it impacts a lot of people still to this day.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Christensen- Unlearning the Myths That Bind Us

1. "A Black Cinderella? Give me a break. She wrote: Have you ever seen a Black person, an Asian, a Hispanic in a cartoon? Did they have a leading role or were they a servant? What do you think this is doing to you child's mind?...Women who aren't white begin to feel left out and ugly because they never get to play the princess."

I always grew up watching cartoons just like every other kid I assume, and never remember any disney characters or main ones at least that are black. This is so true and a lot of children don't notice this I'm sure because I never did myself. Now that I go back and think about it though that is not right at all. All kids growing up must think oh it is just typical for characters or princesses are supposed to be white. Which makes them think it must be right to be white and of no other race which is obviously innacurate. Everyone is created equal and I think the shows on television should have diversity with their characters. Like I said though I never noticed it, and maybe they think children won't notice it.

2. "When we read children's books, we aren't just reading cute little stories, we are discovering the tools with which a young society is manipulated."

I have read many children books and I always read stuff about young white people. All the covers of the books were middle aged white children that are playing sports or doing well in society. Although I have read other books and if it were about young black kids it was how they struggled in life or how they were in trouble in their neighborhoods or schools. It was completely one sided to white kids and that is how children are manipulated. Like I have seen in pretty much all of my blogs that I have never realized these things until reading these stories, and once again it occurs with this quote.

3. "I've discovered that I need to keep my mouth shut for while. If I'm the one pointing out the stereotypes, it's the kiss of death to the exercise. Besides, students are quick to find the usual stereotypes on their own."

This is very true that students are quick to find the stereotypes on their own. I've noticed this throughout my life in public shools. Kids have been sheltered their whole lives from stereotyping so when they get to high school they try to figure out the "groups" and stereotypes. It's society some kids will do it and others wont, that's just how it works. It isn't right to do this but no matter what we say certain people are going to do it and this should not happen.